Perform the following steps to get Traveling as soon as possible:

1. Download and install Traveler on your Multimedia Pentium PC.

2. Click on the DigitalSpace Traveler shortcut icon that was placed on your desktop during installation

3. A License Agreement window is displayed. After reading and agreeing to the agreement in full, press
the "I Accept..." button.

4. In the displayed Choose an avatar window you can choose and name an avatar, then press the "Lets
Go Traveling" button.

5. The main Traveler window is displayed, with zooming colored rectangles against a black
background, as Traveler finds the selected space . You will be joining a "no-connected
space" which contains portals to take you into DigitalSpace Traveler. Choose the Tech Worlds or Tech Worlds Lexius portall to take you to Tech Worlds.

6. Eventually, the window displays a space inside the Tech Worlds Community. You may see other avatars
floating around the space, provided there are avatars in the room (if not use the "where is everyone in
this community...." to find and occupied space.)

7. Hold down the [Ctrl] key while speaking, and release it to hear others.