Tech Worlds Traveler Server offers free 3D voice chat using the Digital Space Traveler (formerly Onlive Traveler) software. Tech Worlds Digital Space Traveler 3D voice chat is free, always has been, always will be. We offer free voice chat that isdifferent than what you would find in other free voice chat platforms. Our free voice chat is accompanied by a VRML 3D environment. You are represented in Tech Worlds by your avatar, a virtual representation of yourself. You then can chat with other avatars in VRML 3D worlds, many of which were created by the users themselves! This communication is very real and very immersive. Your avatar has lip sync animation built into it, so that the voice chat is very natural and very intuitive. Your voice is attenuated like it is in the outside world. We like to think of it like a virtual cocktail party, you will hear people in the distance chatting and they will get louder as you approach them in the many VRML 3D worlds. Each VRML 3D world can hold multiple conversations simultaneously and many times does. We hope that you will give Digital Space Traveler voice chat a try, we think that if you do, you will come to love it like we do.