Tech Worlds is a free 3D voice chat community that is part of the DigitalSpace Traveler family of community voice chat servers. Tech Worlds is a fun, safe and productive place to chat, make friends, learn and be yourself. Owned and operated by Dominic and MaxieX, Tech Worlds has been part of the internet voice chat community since 2002. Originally created to give Traveler users another choice in the community, Tech Worlds has grown to become an evolving place where users feel welcome and appreciated. We at Tech Worlds believe that the single most important entity in DigitalSpace Traveler is the users themselves, for without the users there would be no reason to maintain the servers. We strive to keep this vision first and foremost in our minds and live this vision everyday. We focus on giving the users a fun and unencumbered environment where they can feel free to express themselves and not be judged or frowned upon. Our users are a part of Tech Worlds and in being a part of Tech Worlds they have helped shape and develop our server to be what it is today. We are very proud of our users and the personality that they have provided Tech Worlds. We invite you to come experience our free voice chat, explore our VRML 3D worlds and to take part in all the fun events and activities at Tech Worlds. Our server is open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tech Worlds Tech Worlds Virtual Reality Traveler server offers free voice chat with avatar lip sync technology. Using DigitalSpace Traveler (formerly Onlive Traveler) we have over 200 virtual worlds for you, and your friends to enjoy. Located in Redmond, WA, Tech Worlds offers a superior online voice chat experience with a dedicated 133 megabit, 250 user capacity server, staffed by knowledgeable people to ensure the best possible service. All are welcome to drop by and experience virtual voice chat with technology like no other voice chat on the net.

Get involved with Tech Worlds and have some fun!! Tech Worlds offers several different ways to get involved in the DigitalSpace Traveler community. Discuss topics of interest with others in our Discussion Forums, upload and share your 3D Art and pictures to our Picture Gallery, join the Tech Worlds Clubs (New!) and our Tech Worlds Junior Traveler Program (New!). You can also learn to create VRML 3D worlds and avatars using programs like 3D Studio Max and Truespace, in our Training and Tutorials section. Check back here often for updates and contact us "in World" for more information.

No DigitalSpace Traveler is not a game, DigitalSpace Traveler is a real place, with real people. In Tech Worlds you will have fun, like you would a game, yet DigitalSpace Traveler can be much more. Treating people in Tech Worlds with the same consideration and caring that you treat people in the outside world, you will quickly gain real friends and real relationships, the kind that last for years to come. In Tech Worlds you will be judged on how you behave towards others and not your status in the outside world. We welcome all walks of life to come and enjoy our little home on the internet.

Tech Worlds Traveler Server offers free 3D voice chat using the Digital Space Traveler (formerly Onlive Traveler) software. Tech Worlds Digital Space Traveler 3D voice chat is free, always has been, always will be. We offer free voice chat that isdifferent than what you would find in other free voice chat platforms. Our free voice chat is accompanied by a VRML 3D environment. You are represented in Tech Worlds by your avatar, a virtual representation of yourself. You then can chat with other avatars in VRML 3D worlds, many of which were created by the users themselves! This communication is very real and very immersive. Your avatar has lip sync animation built into it, so that the voice chat is very natural and very intuitive. Your voice is attenuated like it is in the outside world. We like to think of it like a virtual cocktail party, you will hear people in the distance chatting and they will get louder as you approach them in the many VRML 3D worlds. Each VRML 3D world can hold multiple conversations simultaneously and many times does. We hope that you will give Digital Space Traveler voice chat a try, we think that if you do, you will come to love it like we do.



Tech Worlds offers over 230 VRML 3D worlds for you to explore and enjoy. More worlds are added regularly. Use the links below to browse the worlds and explore them.

Clicking on a link to a VRML 3D world in Tech Worlds will open up your Traveler browser (that is if its not already running) and take you there.